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A feasible application of the smart wristband in practice requires very few false cardiac arrest alarms, as the emergency medical services should not be unnecessarily activated. Therefore, in the next phase, we will investigate how often a false alarm (false positive) occurs. We will also explore ways to prevent these false alarms, such as adjusting the algorithm, incorporating additional sensor data, or allowing users to cancel the alarm manually. For this study, we aim to recruit 300 healthy volunteers and patients to wear the wristband for a period of two months. 

Participation in the study involves: wearing of the wristband during a two month period, keeping a diary of daily activities, blood pressure measurement once a week.


We're looking for volunteers to wear our wristband for a two months period 
Volunteers, 18 years and older
Both healthy volunteers and (cardiac) patients are invited to participate
Two months
Financial compensation
Reimbursement for parking and travel costs
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